The brother’s of DubVision are taking us deep inside their crazy DJ life with this new monthly column that is insightful and fun.

As I sit in my hotel room here in Miami Beach I’m pouring my favorite morning drink. No, not orange juice, coffee or tea. A self made vitamine drink. Tastes deliciously like watermelon and also has a bit of caffeine to get me pumped for my morning workout. I’m here with my brother and this morning, like most mornings, we are following self-imposed tour routines that we’ve mastered over the years.

Let me take a moment to introduce ourselves. We are Steve and Victor, two brothers and DJ’s from Holland called DubVision. We’ve been DJ’ing professionally for five years now, and its been a hell of a ride so far.

When we started DJing we enjoyed the life to the max: eating all the good food, drinking all the best alcohol and of course, partied every night til dawn. What could be better, right? That’s the lure of this life, to play music and party. To take what we already loved and make it a career, who gets to do that? Once you taste it, you’re hooked, but there is a reality that quickly sets in. We are traveling 80% of the time. The other 20% is being holed up in a random hotel in whatever country the performance is in preparing for the gig. The gig means we’ll probably be offered many drinks, we could say no, but that’s no fun, so we will pay the price in the morning- you only live once, right?…

It’s a special bit of Hell to be hungover in an airport with a flight delay or even better, a cancellation. The universe has a way of punishing you when you’re a party glutton. This party life was fun, but we realized that what we really wanted wasn’t the ‘lifestyle’ of a DJ, we just wanted to be great DJs.

Needless to say, we changed. Bigtime. Eating healthy, drinking much less and exercising. It’s a commitment we made so that you guys get us at our best, and because we want to have a sustainable career. It’s hard, but we’ve seen lots of our colleagues burn out and never recover.

Don’t cry for us, we definitely understand we have it very good. But we decided to open the doors on this life and expose the good, the bad and the ugly. That’s what this monthly column is about: our life during tour, how we try to keep our energy levels up and how we manage to stay sane through it all.

We are excited to share our life with you and we’re ready to answer any questions you may have!

Hit us up on our socials and we’ll use your questions in future columns!

SOURCE: http://www.edmmagazine.com/feature/the-dubvision-chronicles

Kieran Hortulanus